The Great American Eclipse in Wyoming coming August 21

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We’ve got a total eclipse in Wyoming coming soon

Big wonderful Wyoming will have its share of good eclipse viewing this August 21st. At 9AM Pacific time, the first coast-to-coast eclipse viewing our Nation has witnessed in close to 100 years will begin a journey from Lincoln City, Oregon all the way to Charleston, South Carolina. So what is an eclipse really? An eclipse is the result of the moon moving in front of the sun, which creates a “moon shadow” that will flash throughout our country at a speed of over 1,200 miles per hours. Whoa. Any viewer inside the 70 mile angular band direction will witness the eclipse at its premium experience. Travel magazine is calling it “the show of a lifetime” and that is exactly what it will be. Not many of us will be able to wait another century for the next one, or as some scientists have predicted the next in 2045.

The chance of a lifetime and the activities that surround the eclipse

While most of us want to catch a glimpse, there are thousands of sun-chasing people flooding to “the best spots” for a spectacular view and total eclipse. And wouldn’t you know it, Casper Wyoming is one of them, and the town will be holding the Wyoming Eclipse Festival with music, golf, historical tours and other activities. You may not be at the “hot spot” but getting within 70 miles will improve your experience. Check out for more information on their eclipse day happenings.

How do I safely view the eclipse?

Don’t view with bare eyes, or “home made” tinted glasses or lenses. The only safe way to view an eclipse which of course means starring at the sun, is with a special solar filter in the form of glasses, goggles, or a filter put on a telescope. There are actually international standards in place for safety solar filtering. Simple glasses can be found at stores, online, and in many cases are available free at some retail or grocery stores. Other options are welding glasses #14 or darker, or a telescope with a Solar Filter.

When is the eclipse in my Wyoming area?

The eclipse viewing in Casper will start August 21 at 11:42 AM and last 2 minutes, 26 seconds. Other hot viewing towns include Madras, Oregon and Idaho Falls, Idaho.

What time will the Total Solar Eclipse be visible over your Wyoming town? Here are the times for select cities in Wyoming.

View the other eclipse totality and preparedness below, and enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime natural performance.

You’ll find additional eclipse information at Travel Wyoming’s Eclipse resources.

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