The Full Moons of Wyoming and Montana

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All of  Earthlings enjoy the moons of evening, particularly a full moon. Its vibrance is a spectacular view and comforting in a back yard or camping trip with an open view such as our wide sky spaces in Wyoming and Montana. Half the moon is always illuminated by the sun on the opposite side of our planet. A full moon looks full because it is directly opposite our sun.

That’s also why every full moon rises in the east around sunset, it rises highest up for the night in between sunset and sunrise, around midnight, and sets around sunrise. Stand outside tonight around sunset and look for the moon. Sun going down while the moon is coming up? That’s a full moon, or close to one.

If you’re looking for a property with a spectacular view of our Wyoming and Montana Skies and the associated sun and moon, then contact us! We have properties you need to see.

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