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Well here’s Cash, our Running Horse Realty icon again, owned by Eric Loloff, Owner and Broker at Running Horse Realty, who reminds us about the Power of “Horse Sense.”

Horse Sense has many simple definitions that just plain make sense. And that is what Horse Sense is—a great ability and experience of Common Sense, that is without question found in Horses, and us humans recognized this equine animal’s sharp attention to detail so many centuries ago. At RHR we utilize an array of experienced tools to help make the listing and buying of property a smooth and smart process. Here’s a few examples about horse sense:

  • A human will fall in a hole that a horse already saw. That is why the horse stopped.
  • When the cactus gets too thick, a horse will hesitate.
  • If the ice is too thin, you’ll see the horse thinking about its danger
  • When the weather is extremely hot, a horse too will enjoy a cool dip in the water
  • Wild animals will set of a horse’s sense as they can see and smell far better than humans.

Contact Running Horse Realty and let us show you our Horse Sense and of course, share our knowledge of horse country in Wyoming and Montana!

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