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When folk talk about “Horse Sense,” it means a lot more than it seems, although an easy definition is “good ole common sense.” The earliest use of the term Horse Sense was documented back in 1832. During that period, it is likely the association of horses with the country and the solid practical judgment shown by the animal, and it’s owner in a country living environment. The term horse sense may not be widely-used today, but there are several other terms that mean the same thing such as extra awareness, common sense, gut feeling, attention to detail, sensibleness, sharp nose, sixth sense, Spidey-sense, discretion, wisdom etc.

Your team at Running Horse Realty has decades of experience with horses in Wyoming and Montana lifestyles. The horse pictured here is “Cash,” owned by Eric Loloff. Once you spend a considerable amount of time around horses, you understand their extra sensitivity. A horse will be the first one to detect a bear or mountain lion for example, that is circling a hunting camp or ranch pasture.

Our clients look forward to RHR’s extra sensitivity and attention to detail, and that is why they keep saddling up and running with the best! We are your Local Experts, Real Wyoming and Montana People, and Trusted Agents.

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