It Just Makes Horse Sense

It Just Makes Horse Sense at Running Horse Realty

It just makes Horse Sense … Saddle Up and Run with the Best.

You’ve heard the term “Trusted Partner” and those two words carry a ton of meaning when it comes to  horse sense and horse power. When a horseman heads out into the Wilderness on his trusted partner, he knows that he is not embarking on adventure alone—in fact the horseman is counting on his companion’s “horse sense” as the grassy and mountainous footsteps go by. If the horse seems uncomfortable or wary of something, the horseman knows to sharpen his human senses as much as possible, as there is surely something in the air and possibly near—whether an animal, or other danger that his horse has sensed. You’ll often hear horse owners talk to their horses in that extra sense situation: “what is it Jasper, whatcha smell buddy?”

This is how your team at Running Horse Realty operates. We are constantly looking out for you, the buyer or seller. We have over 72 years of combined experience and that is an incredible amount of experience and “extra sense” when it comes to Real Estate.

At Running Horse Realty, we understand the horse as an icon of the West, a trusted team member, and a thriving tool in a Wyoming and Montana way of country life and even sports. Still as valuable today as they’ve been in the past, working horses remain an unparalleled tool for the modern cowboy, hunters and recreationalists, Natives, sport riders, and range land owners.

The cowboy and his horse go back deep in world history and without question the American West. The cowboy and his horse become the best of friends with all of that time and work together. As a hardworking and loyal companion, the horse was as big a part of the West’s history as the people who lived in it. Originally brought to the West by Spanish explorers, the horse would later be developed by Native Americans and other Europeans as they migrated into the West.

Not just used for transportation, early farming and ranching operations put the horse to work. They were used to pull plows, as well as work cattle. It was in the latter that the horse truly became a part of the West. The image of the cowboy and his horse has become an American icon.

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