Max Gifford Plays a Hero in Our Story

Max Plays a Hero In Our Story

“My husband and I had the pleasure of working with Max in a real estate environment that was discouraging and lengthy. Inventory was very low and bidding wars usually ensued. Max was patient and encouraging. At one point, we put a bid in quickly out of desperate desire to finally have a home…that we later rescinded after taking a moment to realize it wasn’t for us. Max was still very kind and gracious. Then the time came when we found the place where we knew we fit and had to move quickly. It was solely the swift action of Max putting the contract before the seller that secured our home. He plays a hero in our story and guided us through the process to the end when we got the keys. You could not have a better team than Running Horse working with you, and Max especially. They’re good agents and good people in general”

— Anna Shaw


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Max Gifford  “The Cattleman”
Sales Associate: Licensed: Wyoming