Meet Max Gifford on Your RHR Team

Max Gifford on Your RHR Team

Max Gifford “Cattleman”

Sales Associate | Licensed Wyoming

Max Gifford, Sales Associate for Running Horse Realty grew up on a ranch 25 miles south east of Lovell, Wyoming where he learned western survival at an early age. He grew up without indoor plumbing, running water or TV. His parents were the first to have a telephone on Crystal Creek, and they shared that phone with all the neighbors for years. Max understands the times when deer and elk were a staple of life as well as his mother’s garden and the milk cows. He has never forgotten that horsepower and manpower were “the” daily life in a world without today’s conveniences.
After high school, Max attended NWC for 2 years and majored in Ranch Management and participated in rodeo. For the last 40 years of his life, he has been managing up to 700 head of cow/calf pairs and leasing ranches and farm land throughout Montana and Wyoming.

Max has owned and sold various ranches in the area, so he understands both sides of land investments. He and his family have been blessed to live on some of the most beautiful ranches. Max has been married for 33 years to his wife, an R.N. and they have 3 lovely daughters.

“Real estate is the ultimate ‘hard asset’ —becoming independent and self-sustainable with a piece of property is the way to live!”
—Max Gifford

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