RHR uses multiple platforms and works anywhere for you!

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Buy and Sell Property with incredible people, today’s digital tools and a team that works anywhere for you.

Why do our customers keep coming back?

  • Your Real Estate Agent Team at RHR is a hard-working and wonderful group of people with decades of experience.
  • RHR Agents are out in the field often, using smart phones, laptops and the power of the internet to reach you and market properties, or locate properties.
  • Digital signatures are available for all contracts for both buyers and sellers (listings, buy/sell contracts included).
  • The Running Horse Realty web site is always online and up-to-date. RHR listings also go to hundred’s of additional web sites including social media platforms advertise your property.
  • RHR has been diversifying its powerful on-line marketing since 2006, working from around the Nation and the world – always keeping you as the priority – our team has been on call and online from Wyoming, Montana, Oregon, Virginia, France, California, Colorado, and even Antarctica.
  • RHR has access to all the current MLS listings and can sell properties and find properties, all in your preference
  • Current Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is performed for sellers to present a list price to the public or look at comparable sales for buyers in order to make the best offer.
  • RHR keeps up-to-date on buying and selling trends, interest rates, current market standings to name a few.
  • Property tours and assessments can be done on foot, ATV, UTV, Horse, SUV, or Truck

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