Safe Winter Traveling in your Vehicle

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Although winter in Wyoming and Montana has had a less typical start, it’s always the best idea to prepare yourself and your car or truck for safe winter traveling. As we all know, a winter storm can come on quick and cause a variety of issues as you drive to and from your home, or those holiday and wintertime vacation trips.

Each year many travelers experience those unprepared moments on the winter roads and there are some basic preparedness tips that can help you be ready for the unexpected.

  • If your region expects heavier snow and you travel a lot, switching to winter tires is the way to go.
  • Dress appropriately and have some extra clothing in your car such as a heavier coat, hat, gloves, and boots.
  • Keep that gas tank on the full side, and don’t forget that cell phone charger.
  • Keep some water and snacks in your vehicle.
  • Keep a set of Jumper Cables in your car in case your battery dies.
  • A container of sand and a shovel can help you get your vehicle unstuck.
  • A set of tire chains and a tow strap can help get your vehicle unstuck also.

Winter Vehicle Preparation

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