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Seller Advice

The Running Horse Realty office is now located at 501 Greybull Ave Suite 1 Greybull, WY 82426. Please come by or get in touch with us at 307-754-9400 or businessofficerhr@gmail.com.

List with Professionals: Running Horse Realty

Running Horse Realty understands a seller perspective, premium market know-how and has the team to get it all done.

WHY Choose an RHR Agent for Real Estate service? Because Our Team:

  • are among the top real estate agents in the Big Horn Basin!
  • cover the territory – and can sell any property in Wyoming or Montana!
  • are native to Wyoming with knowledge of the geographic region, history and culture!
  • close successfully on 95% of all properties under contract!
  • work as a team and share a combined 72+ years of experience! 
  • can help you succeed with real estate as your Seller Agent, Buyers Agent or Intermediary!
  • have expertise in the field and have sold all types of Real Estate including: Residential, Farm & Ranch, Land & Lots, Commercial and Recreational

RHR has top notch and cutting edge market visibility with:

  • Our Greybull office location: 501 Greybull Ave, Suite 1 Greybull, WY 82426 in the historic Mead building on US Highway 14
  • A cutting edge website and digital social network that is user friendly (90% of buyers use the internet to search for property)
  • A Brand logo that is very popular and represents your mission. The “eye catching for sale signs” stand out and draw attention to your property
  • A marketing team consisting of a marketing coordinator, graphic designer and web designer consistently working to update marketing plans and find new opportunities
  • Appropriate media to advertise your property through multiple media channels including but not limited to: online, social media, print, radio, on-line, signage, specialty ads, events and support of local businesses to reach their audience.

Your RHR Team has an A-1 Reputation for:

  • Honesty and integrity and care about their clients
  • Knowledgeable in real estate, land, laws, the community and surrounding counties
  • Friendly, patience and perseverant – working with you to fulfill your Real Estate dreams!
  • Work at exceptional service in business dealings and value relationships with people
  • Strong and co­­­nsistent work ethic

List with Running Horse Realty Today!

At Running Horse Realty, we understand that selling your property is a significant step, and we’re here to make it a seamless and successful experience. Here’s why choosing an RHR agent for your real estate seller needs is the right decision:

1. Top Agents in the Big Horn Basin: Our team consists of some of the most accomplished real estate agents in the region. We have a proven track record of helping sellers achieve their goals.

2. Territory Expertise: Whether your property is in Wyoming or Montana, we have the knowledge and expertise to sell it effectively. Our agents are natives to Wyoming and understand the unique characteristics of the region.

3. High Success Rate: We close successfully on 95% of all properties under contract. Our commitment to achieving results for our clients is unwavering.

4. Experienced Team: Our team members share a combined 72+ years of experience in real estate. We work cohesively to deliver the best outcomes for our clients as a real estate seller.

5. Versatile Expertise: From residential properties to farms, ranches, land, commercial spaces, and recreational properties, we excel in selling all types of real estate.

6. Cutting-Edge Marketing: Running Horse Realty boasts top-notch market visibility with a user-friendly website, digital social network presence, eye-catching branding, and a dedicated marketing team. We utilize multiple media channels to effectively advertise your property.

7. Exceptional Reputation: We take pride in our reputation for honesty, integrity, and exceptional service. We value our clients’ dreams and work diligently to make them a reality.

8. Strong Work Ethic: Our dedication to providing exceptional service and building valuable relationships sets us apart. We’re committed to exceeding your expectations as a seller.

List your property with Running Horse Realty today and experience the difference of working with a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about helping you succeed in the real estate market.

Contact us at 307-754-9400 or email us at businessofficerhr@gmail.com to get started on your journey to a successful property sale.”

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July 11, 2023

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