Springtime is for Animals Too – our Wyoming Black Bear

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Springtime is here for a Wyoming Black Bear too. These hibernating animals (during winter) experience spring awakenings in a tired state. Hibernation—reduces bodily activity and is not a deep easy sleep. During hibernation, the animal will often awake in brief bursts in order to maintain minimal body temperature.

Black bears emerge from their dens typically in April, but stay lethargic for several weeks. Once awake, the Bear walks around looking like it needs a strong cup of Wyoming Cowboy coffee. It moseys around snacking on available vegetation and emerging bugs. Bears can lose up to half their weight during hibernation.

During the winter, some females give birth, typically to two or three cub sometimes only one. Mothers continue to hibernate, but they go in and out of hibernation, staying awake enough to respond to hungry cubs. When they emerge from their dens, mother bears (Sows) find trees with suitable bark that her cubs can climb for safety.

Soon the forest floor grows all kinds of vegetation including flowers that the bears can eat. Then comes more bugs, other animals and fish to start putting that weight back on for summer and ultimately the next winter.

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