Sprinkler Blowout Time

Sprinkler blowout

As Autumn begins the colder weather eases its way back into out region. For all of your homes with automated sprinkler systems, here’s a friendly reminder that October is typically the month where we all stop our lawn watering and perform our sprinkler blowout with air compressors. Removing water from all of the watering lines prevents water in the lines from freezing, expanding and cracking the lines when the weather starts dropping below freezing temperatures.

For you new home owners that have not had to perform a sprinkler blowout, it can actually be done with a small compressor that you may already own. You might have to stop by your local hardware store to find a few connection adapters, and some extra hose, but you can certainly do it yourself.

There are also several lawn care organizations that you’ll see packing around much larger compressors that will get the job done faster for a small fee.

Just a friendly reminder from your Team at Running Horse Realty! Happy Autumn to you and yours!

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