Tips to Prepare Your Home For Winter

Prepare your home for Winter

Here are some basic but important tips to prepare your home for winter.

The Furnace and Wood Stove
Make sure you have a fresh air filter in place. If you’re not sure, take a look. Heating and Air Conditioning units typically need a filter once per month, depending on use and filter quality. If you have an annual service agreement, have your unit inspected. If you have an exterior propane tank, it’s a good time to fill. Now is the time to clean that wood stove and chimney and order wood, before it gets really chilly, test the stove.

Storm Windows
Older homes have winter storm windows and door storm inserts. These should be in place as the weather drops.

Exterior Paint, cracks and caulk
Take a look at your home’s exterior and fix any cracks, holes, exposed wood and aged caulk sealing.

Clean those gutters
Once the leaves are off the trees, it’s time to clean those gutters to avoid any overflow and keep the drainage running smooth to the downspouts. Check the end of the downspout exit to make sure there is “positive drainage” away from the foundation.

Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
Winter is the time most house fires happen. It’s the time of year when we’re blasting the furnace and building fires. We are also much more likely to have our home closed up tight, so carbon monoxide detectors can detect any improper venting.

Blow-Out any sprinkler system and drain outside faucets
Make sure the sprinkler lines are blown out properly and any exterior water pumps are drained, to avoid cracking during winter. Disconnect hoses from house water supplies to avoid the water valve system from freezing.

Prepare your lawn for winter and set it up for a great spring
If you want that beautiful spring lawn, you have to give it attention in the fall. September and October are good months to aerate and over seed. Before all of the leaves fall, take a look at your trees and make sure they’re still healthy; especially trees that have branches close to the house.

Prep your lawn and yard care equipment and summer machines
It’s a good idea to drain gas from any machine that will not be in use for the winter. If you want the machines to be even more ready for spring, you can also change the oil and air filters.

Prepare for snow removal
Dig out the snow shovels and fire up your snow blower if you have one. Make sure your equipment is serviced and ready for that first heavy snow fall. It’s a good time to stock up on salt if you use that.

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