Winter Driving Gear

winter driving gear

Just a reminder that Winter is here, and there’s no better time to start preparations for our homes and equally-important, our vehicles. Winter driving gear is a must in our part of the country and safety during snowy travels should be a priority. Here’s a few tips

1. Give your vehicle a Winter tuneup, with below zero temps in mind for fluids

2. If you have Winter Snow Tires, now’s the time to put them on, and have tire cables or chains ready too

3. Keep that gas tank full, to avoid a surprise in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere

4. Keep some extra clothing for additional warmth should a heater go out, or a vehicle stops operating

5. Have a set of jumper cables handy for those failed or dead batteries

6. A shovel and sand can get you out of a stuck vehicle

7. A tow chain is extremely valuable for helping a vehicle get out of a snow jam

8. Have a cell phone charger in the vehicle

9. For long trips let family and friends know where and how long you are going

10. Watch the weather and any advisories for heavy snow fall, road closures, and other challenges.