Winter Safety Gear for Your Vehicle

Winter Safety Gear for Your Vehicle

Traveling during the winter months can be challenging in our region, so it is important to consider winter safety gear for your vehicle as you travel from your residence to work, or recreation.

While we all have cell phones and Tow companies are available, it can take a tow truck a substantial amount of time to reach you, and in heavy weather and poor road conditions, tow companies can be quickly overwhelmed. Be prepared.

Here’s a few tips to consider for safety and preparation on the road.

Extra Clothes: Have an heavy jacket, hat, boots, and gloves handy if you’re not already wearing them

Cell Phone Charger: Be able to recharge a fading phone battery

Winter Tires: These make an incredible difference on snow and ice, and tire chains make the difference off-road

Jumper Cables: Avoid a dead battery leaving you stranded

Shovel: Sometimes a little shovel work with a stuck vehicle will get you going again

Container of Sand: Even thin ice can incapacitate a vehicle, but a little sand can provide traction

Tow Rope or Strap: Another vehicle can pull you out of a snow drift, or you can assist them


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