Happy Halloween! Have Fun & Be Safe!

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Happy Halloween from Running Horse Realty!

Stop by downtown Powell at our RHR Office on Bent Street for some treats starting at 4PM!


Here’s a few Halloween Safety tips:

• It will be chilly tonight, so have your Trick or Treaters dress warm

• Turn your front porch light, and front of house lights on if you want to give out candy

• Remove hazards from your walkway and front porch

• Remind your child not to eat any treats before you have a chance to examine them thoroughly for holes, punctures or repackaging. Throw away all treats that are homemade or unwrapped.

• Make sure your child’s costume fits properly. Over sized costumes and footwear, such as clown or adult shoes, can cause your child to trip and fall.

• Ensure kids carry a flashlight or light sticks; and if not escorted by an adult, have them carry a cell phone with your number on speed-dial.

• Organize any kid groups before they leave, and have each kid “buddy up” with at least one other kid in the group

Trick or Treat Dowtown Powell at RHR