Back Yard Firework Safety

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Here are some Firework Safety Tips to make your back yard show fun and safe.

  1. Open Area Prep: Clean Your Yard or lighting area of any dry or combustible materials. Prepare a flat area so fireworks don’t fall over. Small fireworks have started house, back yard and grass field / pasture fires. You can even “pre-wet” areas with a hose. Keep the show area away from livestock, hay stacks barns etc.
  2. Keep your unlit fireworks in a Safe place away from fireworks that are going off. Entire boxes of fireworks have started because of a single spark or firework that landed in it.
  3. Flying Fireworks. These types can be the most spectacular, but also the most troublesome, particularly if they launch incorrectly or do not fly as intended.
  4. Have Water Sources Ready. Have several 5 Gallon Buckets of water on standby, even wheel barrows full of water are handy. Have a hose ready. You may need to make sure a “dud” is dunked, or spray a firework that isn’t firing properly.
  5. Have a First aid Kit Ready. In some cases an injury or burn might be small enough for basic first aid. In other cases, don’t be surprised that someone may need a trip to the emergency room.
  6. Never let small children handle fireworks. Even sparklers burn hot enough to melt metal. Seemingly small and safe fireworks can cause serious injury.
  7. Do not purchase fireworks that are wrapped in brown paper. These fireworks are for trained professionals.
  8. Always read the caution and instructions for every firework. The bigger the firework, the more caution and instruction.
  9. Safety glasses are smart. You may have a lot of fireworks, but only two eyes.
  10. Keep pets inside or at another location. Some pets do okay, others are extremely stressed by the loud noise, booms, and bright flashes. Be Kind.
  11. Have Fun Celebrating our Nation’s Independence!
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