RHR Media Team


Running Horse Realty’s Media Team is a group of technical and creative assistants who have worked successfully for over a decade, to help property buyers and sellers alike. This team puts your property in the local, national and global spotlight—in today’s most popular digital and print mediums and help you and your potential buyers browse properties to buy on the RHR website. The team also employs every popular and regional tool to make sure your opportunity gets found. Websites, magazines, real estate listings, radio and social networking techniques ensure a successful real estate adventure, whether you are buying or selling.

This extensive real estate outreach marketing is managed by Running Horse Realty’s Business Manager and Creative Director.


Erica Loloff, RHR Business Manager and Sales Associate was raised on a farm in Powell, Wyoming. She is the daughter of Eric and Luanne Loloff, RHR Owners. She loves the west and is thrilled to be part of Running Horse Realty! In her youth, she participated in the local 4-H club showing cattle and sheep at the Park County Fair as well as participating in sheep lead, style review and food show-offs.

Erica graduated in 1991 from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming with an Associates Degree in Commercial Art. In 1994, she graduated from the University of Idaho with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, emphasis Graphic Design.

Her travels have taken her across the United States and to the far reaches of France and Thailand. Erica relishes in nature, culture and the arts. She enjoys horseback riding, nature hikes, family, friends, animals, music, dancing, painting, writing, the sky and dark chocolate.

Erica’s creative writing and artwork have been featured in the popular magazine Cody & Beyond.

“The Wild West is endearing, thought provoking and majestic – a place of true grit!” —Erica Loloff


Pat Whitmer, RHR designer in Billings, Montana has provided Running Horse Realty with visual and marketing products for over ten years. A native of Billings, Montana, Whitmer has lived in Wyoming, Oregon, Virginia and California with travels and business to half States in our Nation as well internationally, including Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Falkland Islands, South Georgia and Antarctica. His family roots go back artistic generations of the Kuchinsky family Ranch in Bridger, Montana and Whitmer Wheat Farms in Eastern Montana.

Pat has a B.A. Degree from the University of Oregon and an A.A. Degree from Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. His world revolves around communication design and opposite that, an outdoor lifestyle that includes hunting, fishing, camping, boating and motocross. He founded his own Communication Design business in 1989, and now provides creative design services across the country and international locations for private, commercial, and government organizations. Family, friends, arts and nature are something Pat will always immerse himself in.

“Adventure takes me far past the Montana fence line, but I’ll never forget my way home … and big Wyoming is always on the way.” —Pat Whitmer