Wyoming Lifestyle

Wyoming and Montana are Forever West and Big Sky Country … a breath of fresh air!

What is a Wyoming or Montana Lifestyle? Wyoming and Montana are places to fall in love with the land. RHR Wyoming and Montana real estate specialists are experts with decades of experience helping natives relocate and new-to-Wyoming or new-to-Montana folks find the perfect place in such an incredible space.

“I have been fly-fishing these amazing wild rivers for over 25 years”
—Andrew Parent, Northwest College Graduate

Find yourself at a new stretch on a Trout stream or walking trail in a Wild Wilderness. Explore the majestic beauty of Yellowstone National Park and the Bighorn Mountain Range. Raise a strong family in a personal town and become part of a tightly-knit community. Obtain a higher education degree from talented professors or bring your own skills to a local community challenge. Ski and snowboard at nearby snow resorts or relax at a comfy hot springs resort.

“The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range is the last of its kind”
—Randall Roberts, Wild Horse Photographer

Learn about the cowboys and Native Americans that shaped the state and walk those same trails that still whisper history. Develop a new piece of rich land for agriculture, horsemanship and wave your hands through the fields of wheat and barley. Watch the Wild horses run free in the Pryor Mountains or witness a Grizzly foraging in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Travel the low prairie and high country on horseback or backpack expert trails. Start a new business in a town that needs it and support the local industry. Solo hunt Elk, Bison, bear, Whitetail and Mule deer, goats and more, in rugged winter country or be part of a heavy trip with salt-of-the-earth outfitters. Paddle rivers and Lakes or bike the deep forest’s and open range’s two-lane highways.

Eat at a top chef restaurant, hole-in-the-wall café and enjoy the Wyoming and Montana flavors of Beef, Wild game and succulent local produce. Tour scenic highways and join in for regional festivals, frontier days and mountain rendezvous. Visit a vast array of natural history museums and stumble upon a dinosaur bone or Indian arrowhead under a river rock. That’s Wyoming and Montana, and that’s why these states are like no place on earth.

It’s no surprise that international cinema producers have filmed countless Hollywood blockbusters in the Majestic landscapes of Wyoming and Montana. Although the last century has brought progress and technology to the entire world, in Wyoming and Montana you can still find untouched Wilderness, down-to-earth residents and an untamed landscape that has drawn new residents, horsemen, hunters, fishermen, business owners and countless international visitors.

Many Wyoming and Montana residents have been moving around these entire states for their whole lives because of the area’s diversity and different opportunities. Wyoming residents add up to just over 578,000 people, and Montana residents add up to just over one million. This makes for places that are full of space, considering New York State with 19.5 million, or California with 39.5  million people … now that’s a breath of fresh air.